I personally spent hours reading literature and trying to find out the best way to organize a top submissive training. I discovered that every Mistress and Domme has her own style, theories, experiences and ways of thinking.

And, I must say, this is wonderful because it gives you plenty of freedom in your relationship with your sub.

What I am doing since then, is perfectly taylor-made for me, my needs and my relationship. I started my submissive training step by step, analyzing every outcome and adjusting it to my objectives.

In my videos, very often there are scenes of submissive training. I would love to show you this video, in which I trained my sub to join me when he anticipates my need of a massage.

He knows that, when I work, I often love to enjoy a back or feet massage. When it’s time, he joins me.

Enjoy the full video and much more about submissive training on my website.

Submissive training in general

Submissive training, when approached with purpose and dedication, wields a transformative power that extends far beyond the physical realm.

Beyond the obvious benefits of enhanced strength, submission, and health, a well-designed training holds the potential to sculpt a resilient mind and foster psychological well-being.

The act of consistent submissive training releases endorphins, the body’s natural mood enhancers, promoting a sense of euphoria and reducing stress.

This positive physiological response not only alleviates anxiety but also cultivates a heightened state of mental clarity and focus.

Moreover, the discipline required for regular training instills valuable life skills such as perseverance, and time management (learn how to anticipate your Mistress or Domme).

On a deeper level, achieving submissive milestones, no matter how small, instills a sense of accomplishment in your sub, reinforcing the belief into femdom challenges.

In essence, the power of good submissive training extends beyond the physical benefits, reaching into the realm of mental and emotional well-being.

It is a holistic approach to self-care, empowering individuals to unlock their full potential and embrace a healthier, more fulfilling life.

A sub will become a better sub and will feel good in his role, after the training.

Is it easy?

Submissive training is not easy. Being in charge of another human being 100% of the time as in an FLR is a tedious and very demanding job.
It’s not as immediate as you could think. At each time, you need to make clear decisions concerning both of you. Every time, in the long run. Find some examples directly on FetLife (you need to login).

Training your submissive will help you to reach one goal: he will be able to understand you and your desires and anticipate you so that you don’t need to repeat always the same things, or you are surprised because he can read your mind.

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Anticipating your Mistress or Domme’s needs and desires is a profound demonstration of empathy and emotional intelligence.

It involves attuning oneself to subtle cues, understanding unspoken preferences, and proactively addressing the wants of hers.

This heightened awareness fosters meaningful connections, as the sub can finally offer support or fulfill needs before they are explicitly articulated by his Mistress.

Anticipation is a dynamic interplay of observation, active listening, and genuine care, creating an environment where relationships flourish. By intuitively meeting the needs and desires of the Mistress, a sub not only strengthen interpersonal bonds but also contribute to a more harmonious and fulfilling FLR dynamic.


The power of submissive training

A well-trained sub will anticipate her Domme. Once he got her habits, recurring needs, and desires, he will make in sort to serve her without her to ask or even realize.

I don’t have or want a slave. I don’t like such a piece of furniture-man in my bedroom that will not move if I don’t tell him to do so. Instead, I want a thinking sub but that is only thinking about me.

Anticipating your Domme’s needs and desires is of core importance for her mental well-being. Yet, can easily get out of control. A good Domme carefully watches and punishes her sub as soon as he abuses this small freedom.

The first step is to train well your submissive. Above all at the beginning, the training has to be based on the domme’s desires and expectations.

The sub has to have a clear overview of his tasks, of his domme behavior, attitude, emotions, and desires.

MistressKym in her dungeon and wearing short black skirt and high heels black pumps

Here below you can read some of the main points for good training:

  1. plan the training in order to be able to educate your submissive as you want. Don’t be too strict or extreme, above all at the beginning, and above all if he is a newbie. Take good care of him, and help him to trust you, completely.
  2. be consistent, don’t confuse him. If you follow a common thread, your attitude will be clear to him, and he will learn to know you and to anticipate some of your actions.
  3. talk to him, explain to him why you act in a certain way and not in another. Comfort him and let him understand that you do all your actions (positive and negative) to benefit him.
  4. give feedback, positive and negative. If he does something right, reward him. If he does something wrong, punish him. Just do not forget to follow your consistency. Otherwise, he will never know when he is right or wrong.

There isn’t a fixed path to follow for a good submissive’s training. It is about the domme’s will. The training can last as much as you want. It actually should never end, as there is always something to learn for your sub.

I also wrote an article about how to train online slaves. Read it if you are curious, maybe you can get some ideas from there.

mistress kym sit in a chair with black high heeled boots and her slave imploring her

My trained submissive

I have my own sub, I trained him for a few years now. He is smart, very attentive and willing to satisfy all my requests and desires. He has rules to respect, he knows what he can do and what he cannot do, he is aware of his tasks and deadlines, and he is very obedient.

Of course, if he moves because he wants to do something for himself, he will get punished. Discipline is very important in FLR.

Anticipation plays a crucial role in that. A thinking sub needs to relieve her Domme from constantly issuing the same orders over and over again. This preserves her mental lucidity and cognitive energy.

My sub, for instance, has his routine and set chores to take care of. I defined those when moving together. Since then, he pretty much works on autopilot and he got to know me very well. Or, when he feels I need a hot bath, he immediately prepares one for me.

For instance, when I come home, he knows that I want him to be naked with a collar welcoming me on the hall.
After a kiss on my shoes and with his head down to the floor he knows I want him to pick all my stuff before I hit the sofa and relax from my day.

I usually order him what I want to drink and he goes prepare it.
This sometimes happens without me to pronounce any single word, except for the name of the drink I want.