Her scented whirlpool

Being submissive in a relationship has pros and cons, but let me clarify what I mean. For the submissive, the experience is always positive because he already accepted his role and is aware of all its aspects. Of course, the experience is not only based on pleasure… or what one can call as such.

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It happens that my submissive makes mistakes or disappoints me. Above all, when he is doing something new and doesn’t know exactly which are my expectations. He aims to improve and to learn to know me better and is therefore aware of mistakes’ consequences.

Today is one of those days. My submissive disappointed me and therefore I had to punish him. The error was not huge, but still, I explained to him that something he did was not correct. And, when something goes wrong, someone has to be punished and disciplined. It is part of the training program, which is always ongoing. This is also what happens when being a submissive in a relationship, a femdom relationship.

Punishment is not always about physical pain. In this specific case, I excluded pain was and I opted for another chastisement. Namely, I decided that he could not directly attend the moment when I took my scented whirlpool. He could only watch me from behind the glass door.

I asked him to prepare the bathtub, and warm up the bathroom. When everything was ready and settled, I went in. He stayed outside, without complaining. To humiliate him even more, I ordered him to wear his mask, so he couldn’t see me as good as he would like to. He should be thankful that I allowed him to spy through the glass…

Despite all, he got excited as if he were witnessing the scene live. Imagination helps a lot in these cases.

When I went out of the bathroom, I found him there, next to the door, patiently waiting. Maybe, he was waiting for a gesture or a little attention from my side. But those did not arrive as he didn’t deserve anything.

Consequently, I went straight to my bed, sat down, and carefully dried my feet. I took al my time, prepared myself for the night without saying a word.

He was at his place, silent, and humbly looking down as a good submissive.