Black high heeled boots

When I wear my mistress high heels boots I feel like a queen. 

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I’ve always had a passion for shoes, especially for those with extremely high heels. Pumps, boots, or other kinds of shoes. I would categorize them as “mistress high heels”, and are part of my shoe collection.

Every time I come back from shopping I enjoy making my catwalk in front of my submissive, showing him all my newly purchased shoes. In this case, I show off my new black knee-high boots. They cover my sensual calves but I love them anyway because they give me a super sexy look.

How exciting is it to see a woman go downstairs in a sexy outfit? What you wear is not all, of course. But, if it is added to the attitude, behavior, gestures, and tone of voice all together, it creates a complete mistress’ figure.

As a mistress, you need to feel dominant and in control inside yourself. Afterward, to spice it up a little bit, you can dress accordingly. Some use latex, some lingerie, some other bdsm outfit. It doesn’t matter, as long as you feel confident and ready into your role.