Outdoor toenails painting

My submissive loves toe worship, which comes directly from his foot fetish. He gets extremely excited by my toes and constantly desires to lick or suck them. Sometimes I reward him and allow him to satisfy his fetish, possibly while masturbating…

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But it is not always the case. Mainly, he really needs to deserve this wonderful reward by satisfying or even exceeding my expectations.

Toe fetish, like any other fetish, is not easy to control. Your mind is always there, thinking about those sweet and juicy toes. They are like candies for a greedy person. 

But I feel that I trained my sub in a good way so that he can live with his temptations, without suffering.

However, another thing I need to introduce something else in the training. I have to accustom him to be more and more at my service. He is already doing great. Without my saying anything, he knows when he needs to spontaneously take action. On the other side, he also knows when to stay at his place.

Every little action, every gesture of submission, every service, every fulfilled wish, all of this shows me that I am going in the right direction. I’m regulating him correctly. I am happy and he is happy.

But discipline is a long-term process, constantly evolving. So, every day for him is a new opportunity to amaze and satisfy me by putting himself at my service for daily activities. Anything you can think of is something he can serve me with. Even actions like nail polishing.

How can he help me with nail polishing? Well, for someone with loves toe worship this is not a big effort. While I polish them, he kneels down next to me and supports my feet. It is useful to have someone like that during the pedicure … And I am sure he enjoys it, too.

Will this nice action be rewarded? Will he be allowed to worship my toes?