She deserves pleasure

Mistress boots are something that my submissive needs to appreciate and worship. They are a very solid cage for my sensual feet, and he knows it. When I wear them, I can see his arousal increasing.

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The word talks by itself: a submissive has to submit to someone. In addition to that, a dose of humiliation, verbal and physical, will help him to stay in his role.

In my femdom relationship, I established a kind of common default position for my submissive: kneeling on the floor, with his hands behind the head. Every time I call him, he has to reach me where I am, and stay in his default position waiting for my orders. This happens also before any session.

My sessions vary a lot. That depends on the momentum, mood, willingness, and so on. Sometimes it happens that the session is “planned” as follows: the first part of discipline and training, a second part of myself taking pleasure, and the last part where the attention is on my submissive (reward or punishment, pleasure or pain, depending on how he behaved).

Then, where should a submissive be while his mistress is taking her pleasure? Personally, I love ordering him to stay on the floor while I am lying comfortably on the bed. If I wear mistress boots or shoes, I like to put them over him. On other occasions, this would become trampling or crushing, but not in this case.

While doing so I perceive his discouragement. But, as he is well trained, he stays there where he is, quiet and condescending.

In the meantime, I masturbate with my vibrator and use my submissive as a doormat. I lean on him with my high heeled boots, and then bare feet.

He patiently submits, waiting for me to give him permission to have his orgasm. Will I give him permission?