Birthday present

If you want a kinky birthday, then you need a kinky present. It doesn’t necessarily be a purchased or anonymous object… Be creative and surprise him with something he really likes.

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Today is my submissive’s birthday and I want him to have a special day. He is very devoted and serves me properly, so I want to reward him and make him feel important for one day.

I asked myself: “what would a submissive like to receive as a present?”. I am sure he would like to have something that, otherwise, he will never have. Or, that he would have only as compensation for a good action.

Ok, I took my decision: it is not a bought gift nor something material. I want him to remember this day as a different one. Therefore, I decided to offer him a kinky birthday present: I allow him an orgasm, the orgasm of his birthday. As an extra, he can also have my feet on his body.  But, to make everything spicier, I will put some clamps on his nipples.

It will be a combination of pleasure and pain, the right balance, for a memorable kinky birthday. Of course, I will have fun, too. Initially, I will play a little bit with him, I will tease him with my dominant attitude. Also, I will be strict and disciplining, but in the end I will give him what he deserves, which is what I planned.

The party is going on, I already have my feet on him, nipple clips are on, too. I can already see him all excited, and it is clear that he is enjoying it. He confessed that he didn’t expect it, actually, he didn’t expect anything at all.

At the end of the day he said “thank you”, and I could feel his sincere and genuine gratitude.