Your questions and doubts will find an answer while reading this article cause here, I will introduce you to the online slave world: who, why, what, and how.
Of course, everything is based on my experience, so it is strictly personal and linked to my own experience.

In the realm of the digital era, the undeniable utility of an online slave often comes with a caveat – their effectiveness hinges on meticulous training.
While these virtual slaves hold the promise of streamlined tasks and heightened efficiency, the onus lies on users to mold and refine them to align with specific expectations.

In this blog post, I delve into the frigid reality that harnessing the true potential of online slaves necessitates a calculated investment in training for optimal outcomes.

Training an online slave, is different from training a real slave. I currently spend my time in training my sub, using discipline, punishment & rewards, and so on. I love the human touch, but I understand that this in not always possible and feasible.

I nevertheless have been busy also in training online slaves who applied to the petition “serve Me”. Here is what I can say about it.

But let’s start from the basics. On the web there are hundreds of online courses but, from my point of view, before starting anything, it’s important to deeply understand what it is about.

For some of you, this is already well-known. For others, it is a new topic in BDSM practice.

  • Who is an online slave?
  • Why does he/she undertake this role?
  • What can you expect from him/her?
  • How can you train him/her?

Who is an online slave

Real slave

Generally speaking, a slave is someone who completely hands over his power to his Mistress. She owns him, she is in control of his life and of the relationship itself. It can be a BDSM or/and FLR relationship. A BDSM relationship is about the dominant and submissive role, potentially extreme. An FLR relationship is about the same roles as BDSM’s but more based on domestic servitude.

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A good slave totally surrenders; he is obedient, respectful, and willing to degrade himself only because his mistress is requesting it and she is getting pleasure from that. To worship his lady is one of the main activities performed by a slave during the day. Online, a slave can do this by sending images showing himself doing what his mistress requested him or by writing a journal about emotions inspired by the mistress.

In your real FLR relationship, of course, you physically own your slave.

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I personally prefer to train my own real slave, as he is at my disposal 24/7 and serves me and me only. I always have him under control and I can check his performance immediately after the action. As mentioned, I love the orgasm control practice. Then, I want to be present. Chastity, orgasm denial, and ruined orgasm are among my favorites. But never say never, this is an evolving lifestyle and things can change anytime.

Online slave

Nowadays, everything can be done digitally hence even a slave can be “virtual”. In this specific situation, he is called an “online slave”. Actually, his tasks will be similar to the ones conducted by a “real” slave.

The main difference is that in this second case they are performed online: the interaction will be via webcam, chat, text messages, email. The mistress will assign tasks to her slave, and she will check the results when and how she desires.

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A BDSM relationship is mainly always consensual, even if there are some cases of a non-consensual one. Therefore, very often it will be advisable to define all the details into a BDSM contract. In the BDSM contract, roles and responsibilities are clearly described together with safety conditions (safe word, limits, etc.).

I suggest implementing this ritual as it gives a more official scent to your relationship. You will both feel more involved and committed to it. Do you wanna try?


Why becoming an online slave?

It may be easy to explain it, a few of the main reasons to perform virtually could be:

  • Someone doesn’t want to reveal his personality to his entourage as he thinks it will not be accepted, or for other reasons.
  • Someone else wants to experience a slave’s lifestyle online before drastically transform his life in a 24/7 physical FLR. It can be a trial test and clarify the real nature and personality.
  • For others, it is arousing to be behind a screen and be humiliated or interact with an amazingly beautiful and arousing goddess. You often desire what you don’t have, isn’t it?
  • A few, if allowed, would like to serve more than one mistress. This is not very common, but it can happen.
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The list of reasons is for sure longer than this, but I will stop here.

Slaves and subs are all different in their similarities, therefore each of them could have a good reason to take that decision. It is fine.

In the perennial debate between online slave and its real counterpart, a stark dichotomy emerges. Real slave, embodied in human interactions, offers the warmth of genuine understanding and nuanced relationship.
The subtle cues, empathy, and adaptability of a human touch provide a level of comprehension unmatched by its online counterpart.

Yet, the challenge persists: striking a balance between the authenticity of human slave and the practical advantages of online slave remains. Do you agree?

How to train an online slave?

If a mistress wants to own a good slave, then she needs to train him well, according to her requirements and willingness. He accepted to be at her service, therefore he needs to obey and respect her decisions. A total commitment is a must.

The main target of training is to transform a slave’s behavior in a way that results pleasant to the mistress, always. Rules are not fixed, they depend on the mistress’s willingness. She will plan the training and proof schedule.

Training includes the way of talking, the way of acting during the interaction, and the way of thinking and feeling in daily life. The sub has to re-learned everything according to the mistress’ instructions. The training involves also the daily tasks that have to be performed perfectly.  In case the outcome doesn’t satisfy the mistress, she has to punish her sub.

Let’s go through some practical examples.

  • An online slave has to apply and has to be accepted by the mistress. He cannot just start to serve a mistress without her permit. The online subscription usually has a cost that can vary from platform to platform. If you need more information about how to become a femdom, read my post about femdom characteristics.
  • To better catch the mistress’s attention, an online slave can send her a substantial tribute or gift. This will increase the chances to be accepted and considered.
  • Some mistresses appoint a certificate number to the slave to belittle him and to show that he is owned. After all, this is also a humiliating and depersonalizing practice.
  • The mistress has to assign some tasks to the slave, who has to accomplish them and prove the outcomes with pictures. You will find here some requests’ examples: worship, sissification, auto physical humiliation, chastity, wearing a collar, etc. For each request, the slave has to take a picture and, when he did it, send it to the mistress. She will evaluate the outcome and act accordingly.
  • Other tasks can be: advertise the mistress online, write an article about a topic chosen by her, just tribute her or buy gifts, etc. In a word, we can call this part “financial domination”. A slave who submits to a findom (financial dominatrix) is commonly called a paypig or cash-pig. In the light of what just said, I found this interesting article reporting a real-life findom experience and a paypig testimonial about this fetishism. Read also this other post about having sex for money.

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  • The slave has to respect the mistress and write/talk to her in an appropriate way: polite and formal. She trains him about what he can and cannot say or do, etc. It happens that some mistresses do not allow their slaves to watch them into the eyes.

The most common practice

Allow me to say that the most popular task required by a mistress is orgasm control. Visit my shop, there you have the huge privilege to have your dream realized. Till now, many online slaved could enjoy this practice directly with me.

This practice is commonly divided into two main activities: orgasm denial and ruined orgasm. It is usually disciplined by a chastity belt or by mental slavery.

chastity set
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The slave has to purchase the chastity belt selected by the mistress. Once he receives it, he has to wear it, take a picture, and send it to the mistress together with the key. The mistress will decide when to send him back the keys and allow him to have his orgasm. It is an arousing “game”

  • How humiliating is it?
  • How much control do you have on this slave?

This is something I love to do with my own slave. Controlling, ruining or denying his orgasms makes me feel so powerful and excited.

Obviously, every mistake has to be seriously punished. Punishments can be physical or psychological. I am planning to write a post only about this topic.

On the other side, when a slave performs well to satisfy the mistress if she desires it, she can also reward him. Rewards can be sexual, or something that pleases the slave.

It is important to balance your training: a mistress really needs to know her slave very well. Often they request their journals in order to better understand their thoughts, emotions, desires. Afterward, the content will be discussed and this is essential to have a healthy and positive BDSM relationship.


What does an online slave do?

A 24/7 slave is there to worship and obey his mistress. His body and soul are the property of the mistress, who is totally in control and has full authority within the relationship. The slave highly commits and is ready to submit himself to any request.

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I guess that the concept of “online slave” is pretty clear. The roles of dominant and submissive are well defined. In this BDSM or FLR practice, there are no universal rules, the mistress is the only one who has the power to rule it. The relationship is based on her pleasure and desires.

I personally prefer physical submissives, I now have my own sub and enjoy my 24/7 femdom relationship. I daily train him about many things, for my and his pleasure. You can enjoy my videos about this topic, and much more!