You are a dirty worm

I have a shoes and heels fetish. I love the noise that high-heeled shoes make, and I love crushing things with them even more.

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Feeling different textures under my soles makes me feel powerful, supreme, like a goddess who can have everything and everyone at her feet.

The very thought to humiliate my submissive excites me. Humiliation has a big role in every submissive’s lifestyle, and every one of them accepted it. If you are not ready to be humiliated, then you are in the wrong place or you are just not ready for that.

I love to walk in the garden in my high heels, I like the feeling of sink into the ground. After a short walk, I look at my shoes and see that they are totally dirty, full of soil.

What excites me about having dirty soles, is that afterward, I will order my submissive to clean them. I don’t care about how he cleans them, but I will look at the result. If it satisfies me I will reward him. If not, I will order him to keep cleaning until I am happy with the outcome. In general, he doesn’t disappoint me, he always does what it takes to make me happy.

Luckily, he too has a heels fetish. For this reason, he loves to take care of my shoes. This is something he likes to do, and from where he takes pleasure, too. I have a huge collection of high-heeled shoes, boots, and casual shoes.

Whatever I stepped on, he cleans everything without saying a word, without complaining. He obeys and satisfies my every request, whatever it is. Even when I walk in the earth, he is there, at my feet, like a worm, waiting for my orders. This is real devotion, this is a submissive who is 100% deeply in his role and deserves respect.