My feet in the shower

My submissive has a fetish for mistress feet. They became like an obsession for him. Just the thought of touching or licking them arouses him until the point that they became his hottest desire.

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While I am at home, I often go around barefoot or wearing just socks as I like to feel the ground under my soles. Other times, I walk around in my high heels as I like the noise they do on the floor. What I wear, depends on my mood, or on what I have in mind for that particular day.

Taking a hot shower is one of my favorite things. It is relaxing and gives me the idea of cleanliness and perfume. In addition to that, I love feeling the hot water running on my skin and I love the scent of soap. I must say that, when I have the occasion I take also hot baths… lovely, too.

Other than what I mentioned above, what I also like is to see my submissive watching me while I am showering. He looks at me through the glass door: the image is not clear so he has to put a bit of his imagination into it. While doing so, he is naked and kneeling on the floor with his head partially down. He is in the cold, while I enjoy my warm pleasure.

As he keeps the head down, he looks mainly at the lower part of my body. I see him staring at my mistress feet, his eyes follow my every movement. His breathing increases, I perceive his arousal.

I’m sure he’s wishing to have his face under my soles or to pass his tongue between my toes…

As he obeyed and didn’t disappoint me during my shower, I decided to reward him. You wonder how? Of course, I will allow him to lick my soles and suck my juicy toes for a short moment. I already know that he will be super happy about that…