Japanese afternoon

There are those times when amateur CBT takes over all other femdom and bdsm practices. I love to torture my submissive balls and cock, and I do it in a sensual and teasing way. It is not just painful…

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One of the best femdom practices to train your submissive is to use pain, punishment, as a means of gaining discipline.
Every mistake must be carefully corrected and moderated. Depending on the severity, the punishment must be more or less intense.

Punishing doesn’t necessarily mean being sadistic or mean. On the contrary, it means loving the other and trying to make him a better person, up to every situation, emotionally controlled, and respectful of those in control.

The Mistress is a responsible, dominant woman who has control over the life of her submissive. The submissive finds himself in that role to serve her mistress excellently. He surrenders to her, and she takes charge of the situation.

The task of the Mistress in a femdom relationship is also to take care of the well-being of the submissive, and of his education.
One of the methods I use is amateur CBT. A light torture of cock and balls, on a “home” level, where I instruct my submissive.

This is what happened a few months ago.
On a quiet afternoon, during my stay in Japan, I enjoy playing with my submissive. It is an alternation of ignoring, of balls and cock torture.

I keep him tied to a rope, as you do with animals. He cannot escape, and he can only move when he receives my command, or when I pull the rope. It’s very exciting for me, I get all the pleasure from it. On the contrary, he suffers, always in silence and without complaining. Since he did well, I reward him with a kiss on the lips.