Getting ready for the party

Have you ever been to a femdom bdsm party? There, outfit and look are very important and, in some places, are even a must. You need to be perfectly recognizable in your role and your sub (if you bring him with you), in his.

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In general, I care a lot about my physical appearance, esthetic and beauty. Especially, I do care when I have to go to a fashionable femdom bdsm party. Hair, makeup, and clothes must be perfect. Therefore, when I have such a meeting I organize myself accordingly and I take all the time necessary to prepare myself as I want.

My submissive knows how important this is to me, and therefore he engages himself passionately and performs his tasks properly. He tries to never disobey or disappoint me, he knows how bad consequences can be.

His role is more of an entertainment role, not focused on the preparation itself. Like every time, he takes care of worshiping my bare feet, lying on the bathroom carpet, without complaining. He follows me with his tongue in the hope of being able to savor another piece of my skin. He kneels on the bathroom floor worshiping me and waiting to receive other orders, in case they may come.

What is 100% sure is that at the end of my preparation, he has to tidy up and clean what I left behind.

Meanwhile, I am finally ready for the femdom bdsm party. This time I will go by myself, and there I will meet someone to cuckold my submissive. He will wait for me at home, without complaining.

When I am back, I will look at him straight in the eyes and I will tell him what happened into detail. Depending on his reaction I will roughly dominate him, using my best tools. Handcuffed and collared, I will whip him and force him to lick my pussy without cumming. I will get my orgasm and will go to bed, leaving him excited and with his har cock…