Country house servitude

In order to have a healthy femdom relationship, you need to introduce domestic husband training. I daily discipline my submissive, teaching him how he has to properly serve me. Discipline doesn’t mean pain and punishment, but it means giving the right instruction to the submissive so that you gain the best out of it.

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A femdom relationship is divided into several phases ranging from the softest to the most extreme. From vanilla to bdsm, enjoying the various aspects during the “journey”.

Once you pass the first phase, both you and your submissive will realize that this is no longer a “game”. On the contrary, it becomes a serious femdom relationship. And like all serious things, this involves responsibility for actions and consequences. It is important to explain everything very well during domestic husband training. Communication is essential, as much as trust. Some of these consequences can be painful, but they are part of a logical, respectful, and loving design created by the mistress.

The training procedure is long and always ongoing. It is like going to school, where you always have something new to learn.

At this stage, my submissive no longer sleeps with me but he sleeps in a shed. His leash is well fastened to the wall, so he can’t go anywhere, like a dog.

I introduced a kind of routine in our daily relationship. Every morning I go to fetch him, I explain to him the chores of the day, and then I bring him back to the shed. At the appropriate time, I will pick him up again and he can begin to perform all his tasks.

Obviously, my femdom relationship is not only based on servitude, but it is based also on love. A different way of loving, which however makes the relationship even deeper and passional.