Taking my morning pleasure

Submissive life will never be as before, even in simple daily actions like “sleeping”. My sub now sleeps with the mask, cuckold chastity belt, and collar. It is a matter of habit, when you have it nothing will bother you anymore.

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Many think that in femdom, the submissive should only suffer pain, humiliation and punishment from the Mistress. But that’s not the case at all.
In this wonderful practice, there is an alternation of positive and “negative”, but it is fundamentally based on respect and aftercare.

I educate, discipline and punish my submissive if her behavior requires it. On the contrary, I reward him and give him a reward for biting him that I am happy with his work.

One of the dilemmas is deciding where your submissive sleeps at night. In his room, on the sofa, under the sofa, on the carpet, or where?

My submissive can sleep in my bed but he has to wear a mask, a cuckold chastity belt and collar. He is handcuffed and has to be tied up somewhere. Usually on the heater or on the legs of the bed.

Every morning when I get up, I wake him up and take my pleasure without hesitation. I love to see him wearing the cuckold chastity belt, because it takes me back to some nights I spent out without him and had a lot of fun …

Pleasure and sexual independence: this is what I deserve as a Mistress, plus much more.

I use my submissive, I use his body but that doesn’t mean I don’t like him. In fact, I respect him a lot and I educate him with love, just so I get a perfect submissive for me and my femdom Mistress needs.

Once I get what I want, he can lick my vagina, and that’s the only pleasure he gets right now.