Pushing sexual vibe

The easiest way to arouse your submissive without much effort is to allow him for mistress feet licking. Having a foot fetish, he will be more than happy to obtain only this and to pass his tongue on my feet to reach his pleasure.

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Being a submissive isn’t always easy, especially early in the femdom relationship. We are all human beings with feelings, emotions, instincts and a head to think. Blocking all this requires a huge belief in what you are doing, in the fact that canceling yourself out for another person is the way you decided to go.

Confronted with verbal or psychological humiliations, more or less soft, it is not evident to remain calm, or not to rebel or get angry, and to continue with your head down what you were doing. A good submissive can control all of this, and turn it into natural behavior. No reaction is possible, except to submit.

It happened, especially initially, that my submissive reacted in a way that was not suited to his role. He often approached me, excitedly and a little over the top. The only way to correct this unsuitable behavior for a femdom relationship is to punish him.

I made him fold all the clothes he had just washed. This operation must be done well, according to my instructions, so that I am satisfied with the result obtained. If so, then I can give him a reward for showing him that he has done well, and that I appreciate his work.

One of the practices I use as a reward is Mistress feet licking. He loves licking my feet, and I love watching him do it. I look at him from top to bottom, and check that he licks how and where I like it.

If the result satisfies me, as an extra reward I allow him to even have a little orgasm.