Sadistic candle play

Being a sadistic femdom is part of my role in this relationship. There are moments for sweetness and moments more strict. A submissive has to get used to both…

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I love to take care of myself without stress and without distractions. The candlelight relaxes me. And a nice background music helps, perhaps piano or harp music.

Today I absolutely have to polish my toenails and fingernails. A beautiful red, like passion.

When I take some time for myself, I still want to have my submissive in the same room. I know that the mere fact of looking at me, and looking at my body, turns him on. I understand that it would only take pleasure, but that is not my aim.

My aim is for him to be able to hold back his emotions, his sexual instincts, his arousal. I want him to learn to control himself. That’s why I decided to switch into a sadistic femdom and test his stamina.

I decided to put the chastity cage on my submissive and use him as a candlestick. He has to be in an uncomfortable, even painful position with candles in his hands, without complaining, without moving, and without disturbing me in any way.

He knows he doesn’t have to make mistakes or move too much.

If I were to be interrupted by his complaints or his movements, I would be forced to punish him. And he knows it, so he accepts every order imposed by his sadistic femdom, no fuss.

This is the only way to discipline him.

One of my favorite candle punishments is the wax game. If her mistake of him is very serious, then the punishment is greater and stronger. For example, they discipline him with a series of lashes without the possibility of protecting himself.