Smoking outside

Smoking goddess is very attractive for many people, for others she is too aggressive and not elegant. I feel released and relaxed when I inhale a bit of smoke… but it is not healthy so I don’t do it too much.

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There are those moments when you don’t see a way out, but just a black tunnel. Those moments where you need to clarify your mind and find the solution suitable for you. In those moments full of stress, even if this happens rarely, I like to smoke a cigarette.

I feel that smoking relaxes me (even if it is maybe just a placebo effect) and that I feel better. Afterward, I have a clearer mind and I can think without being overwhelmed by annoying distractions. I usually sit on the balcony, outdoors, enjoying my cigarette. Not only I  feel relieved, but I feel a kind of excitement coming up. I need to have pleasure, to get at least one orgasm…

Smoking, when done with a proper attitude, is very sensual. Therefore, my sub too, looking at me, gets aroused and desires to have his pleasure. Anything will be ok for him, it doesn’t matter what I will do or tell him, he will be happy. Even if I ignore him, he will be happy. In his mind, there are plenty of “things” happening… he dreams about me, his smoking goddess.

The femdom is my obsession, as soon as I have a moment of tranquility my mind flies there. I think about it, and I get excited. As a consequence, I want it, a really want to base my lifestyle on these practices. I already have a lot, but I want always more and more.

When I go back to reality, I find the icing on the cake! My submissive is there, at my feet, ready to lick my shoes and to feed my peace of mind. He does it with passion, with dedication, like a real worshiper. I trained him so that he can anticipate my requests, and he now understands when he can take initiative without receiving specific orders. This is one of those times when I really appreciate his education and discipline. I did a great job with my training.