Getting ready for the night

One of the tasks of a good femdom domestic slave is to take care of my little habits and routine actions. This usually happens in the morning and in the evening, when I like to do some specific things, on and on. He now knows, and I don’t have to say anything to have them done properly

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Before going to sleep, every evening I need to wash away all the just passed day from my body. When I have time I take a hot bath or a scented whirlpool. Otherwise, I just take a shower.

While I enjoy a hot and scented relaxing moment, my femdom domestic slave carefully prepares my bed. He makes it comfortable and cozy for the night. I trained him to do that because I don’t like to sleep in messy sheets. When outside is cold, he even puts a heating pad under the blanket.

When I arrive in the bedroom everything is ready, so I just let myself fall on the bed, relaxing, waiting for my good night’s foot massage.

My submissive knows exactly what I like, and how he has to massage me. While he worships my feet, I watch him closely and I study his expression. He is very focused on what he is doing. At the same time, he is aware that I don’t admit mistakes in these cases. His warm hands wrap my feet sensually but firmly, with his fingers he does pressures in the right points. This is exactly as I like it.

After the massage, I slip under the blanket, the lights go down creating a soft atmosphere. And, before sleeping, I get another little massage. My submissive knows he has to continue until I tell him to stop. I turn off the light and let myself go in the world of dreams.