Night play

As I am a kinky domme, I love to play and tease my submissive. It is really pleasant and arousing for the two of us because it is a complicity game between two people who love each other.

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I love to tease my submissive, above all before going to bed. Why? I don’t know exactly, the only thing I know is that at that time I am kinkier than usual (which level is already quite high). It relaxes me and I get a lot of pleasure from that.

Usually, I wait for him in bed, wearing a babydoll, or sexy lingerie. He loves to see me in such an outfit. When he reaches me, I start playing with his hard cock. I touch it with my bare feet, I crush it and kick it. It is a kind of soft torture, it is something I really like to do as a kinky domme.

In addition to that, I also love to squeeze his sensitive nipples. I do it with my fingers, but sometimes I use nipple clips. So, I can use my hands for something else. When I do this action, I look him straight in the eyes. I can see that he is in pain, he silently suffers and gets totally aroused. It is a mix of pain and pleasure, of punishment and reward. Or, it is just something that a kinky domme feels like doing in that specific moment!

He dreams, but he also feels and accepts his current situation. He likes pain, he knows that it is part of his submissive lifestyle. It is not always a punishment. Sometimes it is only a whim of min. Therefore, he shyly smiles and stays there to satisfy all my desires.

When I am done with teasing and playing with him, we both go to sleep. Tomorrow is another day…