Male orgasm denial for my submissive

This is about male orgasm denial and while playing with my submissive cock, which is something that I rarely do.

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For some time now, contact with my submissive has become increasingly rare. There is a physical detachment between Mistress and submissive at this level of the relationship.
The loving effusions, the continuous touching, etc. are no longer part of us.

It may sound like a drastic decision, but it’s also part of the femdom. A true femdom relationship is based on love, but it is a different love. It is shown in other ways, but it is always love.

But sometimes physical contact is necessary, as in the case in which I tie my submissive, handcuff his hands preventing him from any movement. In this situation, of course, I have to use my hands to pursue what I have decided for this training session.

This is male orgasm denial, a well known and used practice in the femdom world. It consists of bringing the submissive to orgasm, but ruining it (at will) in order to leave him partially dissatisfied and humiliated. Of course, everyone can create this situation based on their own desires, femdom fantasies and BDSM.

It is possible to achieve a good result using BDSM tools (handcuffs, whips, ropes, chastity cage, etc.), but even without it it is pleasant. It’s more natural, but it’s a matter of taste.

Once he is lying in front of me, I start to enjoy my submissive’s cock and balls. I want to bring him to maximum arousal, and then keep him on the edge until I decide to completely ruin this much-desired orgasm.

My nails slide over his hard cock, and penetrate his balls full and ready to explode. It is a climax of pleasure, of excitement, of desire to come … But everything ends differently …

I love my sub, but I don’t want to spoil him too much. He is part of my femdom relationship to worship me, obey, and behave in order to receive a reward.
If he pleases me, I please him… even if, sometimes, it ends up in an “unexpected” way.

As in this case, a lovely handjob ends with a male denial orgasm.
Why? Just because I decided that his action wasn’t worth a full orgasm.