My magic wand

Today it’s raining, but this doesn’t mean that it will be a sad day. Not at all!

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In femdom, there must always be a basis of mutual respect.
Being a Mistress does not mean having absolute power, or receiving without giving anything. On the contrary, the role of Mistress is very “demanding” and requires education, practice and sensitivity.

The psychological part of femdom, of BDSM, and of any practice that has to do with other people, is of enormous importance.
You absolutely must not underestimate the signals of your partner, indeed it is essential to discuss them openly.
Femdom must be pleasing and pleasurable for both partners.

One of the methods I use to humiliate my submissive is to humiliate him using BDSM tools.
I love masturbating on top of him, teasing him and taking him to the extreme. At that point, when I see that his sexual desire is very high, I start masturbating with my femdom magic wand.

In his eyes I see that this action humiliates him, he would like to be in the place of this object, to be able to give me immense pleasure and bring me to orgasm.
It is a practice that has a very big impact!

My submissive already finished today’s housework, therefore I invite him to my room.
But first, he takes a shower because he knows that I want him to be clean and scented.

Once on my bed, I start playing with his soft cock. I tease it until it becomes harder and harder.
Guess: will I allow him to cum?
When I am tired of his cock, I take my black magic wand and I sweetly enjoy my pleasure.
Arousal is increasing, is more intense, until I reach my orgasms…