My pink wedge sandals [for my femdom shoes collection]

I love it when I can relax and enjoy a little bit of sun.

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Today I decided to dedicate some time to myself, and to give myself something.

It was a busy afternoon of shopping, I walked around many shoe shops and finally found a pair of pretty pink sandals, which I immediately put on to conclude my tour.
Arriving home, I quickly realized that my submissive has noticed my new purchase. I read the reaction in his eyes, saw excitement and a strong desire to adore these new femdom shoes.

But it is not that simple, it is not enough to allow myself to read the emotions and hope that I will immediately grant him what he craves.
First, I lie in the sun, rest, always wearing my pink sandals perfect for a Mistress foot.

I check emails and messages on my phone while my submissive watches me from his desk, waiting for my nod or order.
Suddenly I realize that I am craving a fresh, fruity and slightly alcoholic cocktail … something that loads me up for the session that will happen as soon as I decide.

I order my submissive to prepare me a cocktail, and I await him on my sunbed.

I am satisfied with my purchase, which I can add to my femdom shoes collection.

It is important that a Mistress is dedicated to herself, that she takes care of her body and her appearance. While the femdom attitude is everything in an FLR relationship like mine, the decor also plays a part in her. I myself feel very good when I dedicate myself to myself …