Foot worship under the desk

My submissive loves amateur foot worship, above all when he worships my own sexy feet. It starts with watching, then touching, and finally licking them.

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My submissive knows his place, he knows what I expect from him even if I do not mention it specifically.

When I came back, and I found him right there, under my desk, patiently waiting for me. I was so tired that I walked there towards my place still wearing my high heels. Before I can finally relax, I still have one task to solve…

I gather all my forces and my sub supports me by worshiping my shoes. It always works!

It takes me a few minutes to conclude my working day. When I have enough of it, he can have his reward and take my shoes off. He can continue worshiping my bare feet. I feel I have enough now… so I leave him there, waiting for me to come back again.

My submissive knows where to position himself, depending on where I am. He cannot be anywhere in the house, only in places reserved for him. One of these is just under my desk.

It is a cramped, small, uncomfortable place, like a cage. This is exactly what I want him to represent: he is like a caged animal that depends on the will of his owner. Every gesture of mine, every signal that comes from my person, is like a light in the dark for him.

Over time, I became his light, his manager, his mistress.
And I, as a Mistress, in turn, recognize my responsibilities towards this person who submits to me. In femdom, there is also this.