Wake up my Mistress

My submissive loves femdom feet licking, and I instructed him to wake me up in that way. Every morning. No matter what, this will be my alarm clock until I will change my mind.

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Every mistress has her own fetishes and desires. I have mine.

I instructed my submissive on how to wake up in the morning. My motto for him is “femdom feet licking“. He is responsible for the alarm clock, he must hear it ring and turn it off immediately so as not to disturb my sleep.

Once he gets up, his job is to wake me up gently, starting with a lick of feet and then move on to the vagina. I love this awakening, it gives me positive energy all day long. And, not least, I take great pleasure with it … it is extremely exciting.

When I go to sleep in the evening, I always think about how I will wake up the next day… exciting dreams and arousal during all night.

Worshiping the feet of a Mistress is becoming a cult, a “sacred” moment, a daily action that brings forward many people, many submissives.
This fetish is popular, especially in femdom and FLR relationships.
Femdom feet licking pleases both the Mistress and the submissive, who for one reason and who for the other.

For a submissive, their mistress’s foot has a special, peculiar, addictive flavor. He can’t do without it. Every day he anxiously awaits that moment, that gesture that allows him to notify her, and enjoy this privilege.

After sport, after a day of work, after a hot bath, or at any time and in any situation, the flavor and scent of femdom feet is fabulous. Better than a delicious dish …