Taste me

Mistress pussy licking is part of the submission tasks that my submissive loves to do. He has this foot fetish and this totally arouses him when it involves licking.

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Mistress pussy licking is one of the main activities for my submissive. It is one of the first femdom practices introduced by me in our female led relationship. It is a sign of submission, humiliation and for all these reasons I love it.

My submissive likes it a lot, above all because it’s humiliating. We have a routine for every day, and I decided that vagina worship has a huge role. For example, I wake up with him licking it. And, every now and then during the day, I call him and he already knows what he has to do.

I get excited seeing him down there, passing his tongue all around. Often I just sit down on the sofa or on a chair, and I keep doing what I was doing. Meanwhile, I completely ignore him and his worship. The fact of being ignored during a humiliating action infinitely arouses my submissive.

You wonder why mistress pussy licking is so exciting and desired. In short, the pussy is the more intimate part of the human body and licking it is obviously humiliating. Humiliation is one of the bases of submissive excitement, so you can do a calculation and the result is clear.

To increase this feeling of inferiority, while he is licking and worshiping my pussy, I alternate between verbal humiliation and ignoring.

I take care of my things, look at my smartphone, read a book, work at the computer, watch television, or do whatever I want to do. if I feel like it, I give him the chance to lick other parts of my body too.

It happens, rarely but it happens. It’s a kind of reward for his submission.