Exploring her sadism on his body

I am now in a well-established femdom relationship, and its deepness is quite intense during femdom domination. More and more often we go to the dungeon to use all those bdsm tools that I don’t have at home yet.

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My sadistic part is always evolving. Every now and then I increase the level of sadism and I check whether I like it or not. I take my time to introspect myself and understand my limits. The best place to do this is the dungeon. In the dungeon, I find every kind of tool that I do not have at home, and I can freely experiment the “new” together with my submissive. It excites me a lot to cuff him to the bed and gently torture him, and slowly increase it. I instructed him well to accept the pain, indeed … he has reached the point that he likes pain, it excites him. I often do my sessions in the dungeon instead of at home.