Exploring her sadism on his body

I am now in a well-established femdom relationship, and its deepness is quite intense during femdom domination. More and more often we go to the dungeon to use all those bdsm tools that I don’t have at home yet.

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Initially, I didn’t like experimenting with femdom practices in a dungeon. I found it a very dark place, a little sad, and I thought it brought negative emotions.

I researched, I read many blogs, until I visited one and my conception has completely changed. I found it a very passionate, intimate, and perfect place for sessions of all kinds. From the softest to the hardest.
Candle light warms the atmosphere, makes it pleasant and helps build excitement.

Everything you need (small and large BDSM items) for a femdom session is there, ready to use. By attending a dungeon, I was able to experience many new practices, with no worries, other than having a great time with my submissive.
The level of femdom domination increases exponentially if there is the possibility to let go, be creative, and experience strong emotions.

My sadistic part is now always evolving. Every now and then I increase the level of sadism and I check whether I like it or not.

I always take my time to introspect myself and understand my limits. The best place to do this is the dungeon.

In the dungeon, I find every kind of tool that I do not have at home, and I can freely experiment the “new” together with my submissive. It excites me a lot to cuff him to the bed and gently torture him, slowly increasing the level of pain.

Before doing that, I did long sessions of training with him.
I instructed him well to accept the pain, indeed … he has reached the point that he likes pain, it excites him.