Burning memories

I have so many memories of the cruel femdom practices I used with my submissive. Sometimes I like to sit down and think back when it all started… I am really proud of my current lifestyle and would do the same again.

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Candles are an object that I really like. I love the light they make, the atmosphere they create and the warmth they transmit.

The darker the place, the more intense the effect.
What’s better than a dungeon with lighted candles? What better vibe do you want for your femdom session?

Personally, I find it the best you can have.

I also really like playing with candle wax. It is warm, malleable, falling in small drops, creating small peaks of pain … I find it very exciting.
I use this practice to impart slight pain to my submissive

I am sitting exactly in the same place. This time I have a human table in front of me, where I can put my black heels and recall those burning memories.
He is not complaining, he stays there on the floor waiting for my orders.

One thing I really like to do in these cases is to play with collar and leash: my submissive can hear the chain noise and this arouses him a lot because he doesn’t understand if I will put it on or not around his neck.

But, last time… I still remember that time when I arranged a candle play for my submissive. He was so aroused, kneeling in front of me.
With his nipples so close to the flame… it’s hot, it’s burning.