Back home after a wild night

Every time I come back after a wild night I practice real cuckold humiliation to my sub. He has been at home patiently waiting for me till now. He shows his devotion despite he is aware of what happens outside…

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I instructed my submissive and explained to him how to behave while I am not at home, especially when I go out at night. He knows he must patiently wait for me, awake, exactly as I left him. Usually, he is wearing the mask and the chastity and is also leashed somewhere so that he cannot freely go around in the house. He just has to stay where he is, and show me all his gratitude when I come back home. He is allowed to lick my pussy while I whip him: this is my good night wish. As soon as I am satisfied with that, I leash him back and leave him there for the night.