Back home after a wild night

Every time I come back after a wild night I practice real cuckold humiliation to my sub. He has been at home patiently waiting for me till now. He shows his devotion despite he is aware of what happens outside…

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In femdom, discipline plays a very important, almost basic, role.
Consequently, the Mistress has a responsibility to take care of her submissive’s education. This implies total control over her life, the decisions that need to be made, and much more.

Over the years, I have trained my submissive and explained to him how to behave while I am not at home, especially when I go out in the evening. There are specific rules that he must respect and that I do not tolerate not being respected.
For example, he knows that when I’m away from home, he has to wait patiently for me, awake, exactly as I left him. This happens when I go out during the day, in the evening or at night. Without exception.

In doing so, I also introduced a new practice into our femdom relationship. This is cuckolding, or rather real cuckold humiliation. Yes, because I consider myself a sexually free person who loves to experiment with whoever she wishes. The result is that my submissive in turn experiences cuckolding, and the resulting humiliation. He finds it very exciting.

Back when I leave the house … My submissive usually wears the mask and chastity cage, and is also kept on a leash somewhere so that he can’t roam freely around the house.
When I’m not around, he just has to stay where he is, and show me all his gratitude to him when I get home. Also for this there are rules and a protocol to be respected, I do not accept any kind of gratitude.

Sometimes I allow him to lick my pussy while I whip him: in doing so I wish him goodnight. I guide him in this practice meticulously, in order to derive as much pleasure from it as possible.
As soon as I’m satisfied with it, I drive it back and leave it there for the night.