Goodnight licking

I introduced a goodnight ritual to improve my cuckold obedience. Together with the training, this is a great way to discipline my submissive. He is reaching a high level of submission and I am glad about it.

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Another super important thing in femdom is the reward.
In fact, femdom is not only based on discipline, punishment, humiliation, pain, etc., but it is also pleasure, reward and love.

Only in this way, the submissive can understand his Mistress, and learn to behave as she wishes. A reward is a prize for something he has done good, beautiful, correct, and pleasing. This may include also cuckold obedience and all that comes in that practice.

If the day went well and my submissive satisfied me with his performance, I’m more than happy to give him permission to lick my pussy before going to sleep.

I know he likes this practice a lot, he loves my pussy and craves it every time I get close to him. Sometimes I show it to him, sometimes I make him smell it, and when he really deserves it, he can even lick it.

During the reward, I mainly ignore him.
Yes, because the reward must be well calibrated, and measured according to the performance of the submissive.
ONly in case of a super performance, he can get my full attention.

So, in the meantime, I finish sending the latest emails or making the latest online purchases.

Anyway, I can see the joy in his eyes of him.
As a reward I show him that he was a good submissive.

After the cunnilingus, he knows he has another responsibility before he can sleep: he has to set the alarm for the next morning. If I don’t wake up in time it will just be his mistake and it will cost him a big punishment.

He finally can sleep next to my bed, on the floor…