Goodnight licking

I introduced a goodnight ritual to improve my cuckold obedience. Together with the training, this is a great way to discipline my submissive. He is reaching a high level of submission and I am glad about it.

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If the day went well and my submissive satisfied me with his performance, I am more than happy to give him the permission to lick my vagina before going to sleep. In the meantime, I finish sending the last emails or doing the last online purchases. I can see the joy in his eyes. A reward shows him that he has been a good submissive. Once the cunnilingus is over, he knows he has another responsibility before he can sleep: he has to set the alarm for the following morning. If I don’t wake up on time that will be only his mistake and this will cost him a big punishment. Finally he can sleep next to my bed, on the floor…