Teased in the cage

If you want to teach something about restraint and deprivation to your sub, you’d better introduce him to a femdom slave cage. Sitting in there will make him realize what it means to be under someone else’s total control (mental and physical).

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I must say that the femdom slave cage has always attracted me.
I always wanted to know what effect it would have (on me and on him) to lock my submissive in that little iron trap.

Inside the dungeon I was finally able to answer this question. When I saw the femdom slave cage, I quickly realized my session that day would be based on that.

Depriving another being of the movement, as well as sensory deprivation, is a very strong gesture. It has a very powerful impact on the body and mind of the victim, that is, the submissive.

Even as a Mistress, this practice has an effect. It is a strong feeling of possession, of being mistress, of domination over another living being. It is important to keep your mind clear, not to be overwhelmed by emotions, and to stay in control in general.

The time has come to take a step forward and experiment with new humiliating practices.

We went to the dungeon and I locked my submissive in the cage. He was in an uncomfortable position and with no possibility to move.
I wanted him to understand that I had total control over him and that, since he is in this relationship, he is free from all responsibility.

In fact, the cage has always been a symbol of possession. And I own my submissive.

His humiliation started to grow when I was sitting on the cage, masturbating. He couldn’t see, he could just hear what was happening. The deprivation of the senses and pleasure deprivation were a very strong sign.

After this intense session, I took my orgasm, and I went away, leaving it there, alone.