Experimenting a new way of loving

In femdom relationships, it is important to show mistress love to your submissive. By doing that, your sub will feel that you take care of him, and he will 100% trust you and your decisions. It’s simple, it’s love.

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Love is a sweet, affectionate feeling, it is loving someone deeply.

Femdom is also based on love, but it is a different way of loving the other person. It’s about respect, attention to others, and passion.
The act of making love is spiced up by an alternation of kisses, caresses and small gestures of pain. I love experiencing all this with my submissive, and he too has expressed his consent to continue our relationship in this direction.

I will gain more and more power over him, and he will surrender and let himself go to my will. It is the beginning of an extremely sensual adventure.

Loving doesn’t mean being in a vanilla relationship. Love is everywhere, in any relationship, if we want it.
In fact, we are being intelligent and with developed emotions, sensations, intelligence.

As said, in femdom, to love means to respect, to have one’s role, to dedicate oneself to daily life.
A Mistress loves it when she employs herself to turn her submissive into a better person, suited to her needs. She loves it when her wishes are fulfilled and she finds pleasure in being served by the submissive. And she loves it when she’s committed to gaining power control over her submissive, disciplining him and worrying about aftercare for him.

A submissive loves his Mistress when he satisfies her, when he understands her desires in advance, and when he knows how to stay at his place, in silence, patient.

Even in the femdom love is shown in the most disparate, unconventional, but extremely real and authentic ways.