Collared and leashed

Sexuality is part of everyone’s life, something that we all love. As I mistress, I have control over my own and my sub’s sexuality. My sub, on the other side, can only watch his femdom orgasm while he is collared and leashed.

A femdom orgasm is something very personal. A piece of intimate personal life that you will rarely see on any professional mistresses videos or websites.

Before being anything else, a Mistress is a woman. A superior being. As a woman, I have sexual needs and as a superior being, I expect my sub to do anything I want to help me fulfill those needs.

My sub’s tongue will never go as fast as my vibrator, therefore he has now been blown away by a toy. Frustrating, eh?
But nothing is lost, and my sub also plays an important role during my moments of pleasure.

I order him to sit at my feet, possibly on his knees, in pain, because his humiliation immensely excites me.

I masturbate with my favorite toy, and he’s allowed to observe the whole scene from a short distance. He can enjoy it, look but not touch.
This will remain imprinted in his mind and he can relive it in future moments. The mere memory will harden the useless cock of him.