Getting darker

A real femdom session can be whatever you, as a mistress, are thinking. It can be aggressive, lovely, detached, or anything else. The important thing is that you like it and you satisfy all your desires. Are you ready for a new session?

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When I do a real femdom session, I don’t always plan it.
Sometimes it’s just about the pleasures and desires of the moment that need to be satisfied.
During those moments, I just follow the “heuristic” way and go with my instincts and pulses.
It can starts with a shoe in his face and then end up with a ruined orgasm or with both having one…. or even in me just caning him for 15 minutes!

It depends. It’s not always depending on me or him… maybe he has been good and I am super excited and happy… but circumstances and life’s events make in sort that he will suffer instead of having pleasure, just because I want that in that moment.

This is the hard life of being a sub… your mistress it’s just much more important than you, always. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a real femdom session!