Preparing to go out

Tonight I am invited to a party, and I will go by myself. While I get ready, I allow my submissive to assist me. I know he just wants to offer me mistress worship to show me his devotion.

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Mistress worship has to be the idea stock in every sub’s brain. He is there to serve his Mistress, nothing else.

After he cleaned my asshole I gave him my pussy to smell and the opportunity to lick my slips, before I go out for a dinner.

I did the same when I was back… to see if he smelled the difference 🙂

My pussy gets often wet when I am away and I know that he is doing his chores at home waiting for me.

I know the desire is killing him and driving away his concentration from the task. That’s why I often carefully inspect hist work. He knows what will happen if he doesn’t do a proper job.