When you have that feeling

Coming from a vanilla relationship means being used to a certain attitude and way of loving. When I started this new relationship, I understood that I needed to give some femdom love to my (ex) boyfriend to show him that I cared…

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When you start a Female Led Relationship, some femdom love is still present in the couple. The separation takes place slowly, the roles become clearer after a while, and Mistress and sub change their attitude step by step.

This is what happened in the early stage of the relationship. When my sub was still my “boyfriend”.

It all always happen with a general feeling that you can’t really understand.
That desire of dominating him takes over you. You need an excuse, an opportunity, a pretext.

I got that feeling that I wanted to humiliate and dominate him.

Throwing some nuts on the ground was the occasion to put  my feet on his head… I felt tremendously empowered.
I wanted him on the ground or better, I wanted him to be my ground, my stool.

That’s all about it, that’s femdom love.