Ignored while I am preparing for disco

It is time for another night out, I want to be perfect again. In the meantime, my ignored slave is kneeling under the sink waiting for my orders. He has to stay there until I am ready… so, be patient and wait.

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Slave ignored while I am getting prepared in the bathroom. He is always with me… under my sink and beneath my feet. That’s his place. Take it or leave it.

He has to think that you never know if your mistress maybe needs something: a stool, a hanger, or a tongue where to clean her armpits, or even her asshole.

I prepare myself for a wild night out by myself. I am sexually free, and I love it. Enjoying some time with other man has always been something that excites me.

As a superior being and a female supremacist, I can tell from his eyes how much he desires to come with me having fun or to be beside me in some way.

Being home or in a hotel room alone, without knowing what your mistress is doing and with whom she is, it’s immensely frustrating and devastating for a sub.

I love to see his eyes while I look into his eyes and I exit that door…