A bit of relaxing time

I need my submissive for a foot massage. Yes, because this is what I want when it is time to relax. Despite all, he is always ready to worship my feet and he is becoming a great masseur…

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Foot massage is something that drives me crazy. I love it, it is relaxing and exciting at the same time. It’s something I like, and my sub turns on like hell when doing it to me.

There is nothing more relaxing than reading a book while my sub is massaging my long sexy feet. But it has been hard to teach him how to do that properly.

In the beginning, I punished him for every single mistake. That’s how you train an animal: you need to really be hard and severe in every little detail, else, you don’t get exactly what you want, and I want just that.

Then a cup of tea, a few caning strokes to his ass and I will be ready for the disco! I am gonna probably lock him up somewhere while I am enjoying my evening out with other men.

When I will be back, my soles will be super sweaty, that’s perfect for foot worship: his tongue will clean them up perfectly. He will enjoy that wonderful taste and will get aroused without the possibility to cum.