A chastity keyholder is simply a person responsible to safely hold someone else chastity cage’s key. Usually, when this person is the domme, she keeps the key on her necklace or anklet. A chastity keyholder has the power to control the locked’s orgasm. Exciting, isn’t it?


Who is a chastity keyholder?

First of all, I would like to mention that there are dommes or mistresses “specialized” in chastity and orgasm control. They, of course, are very experienced in this specific field and can be keyholder of many different slaves.

You can be a “remote” chastity keyholder. This means that you don’t have necessarily see and meet your slave but this can be done online. The important thing is that the slave behaves and sends pictures to his mistress. For example, you can train your slave and teach him how to control his chastity and orgasm.

Chastity duration varies depending on the mistress desires. It can be a few hours, days, months or even years. Of course, it is not easy. You can read my post about submissive and orgasm control to have a clearer idea about this practice.


Chastity keyholder story [example]

She wakes up late in the morning, calmly. He is already awake, in his submissive’s position, with the chastity cage well in view. She opens her eyes and her face turns into a disgusted expression. Maybe it’s because of that pink plastic cage around his cock. She tells him “the key for it is right here, on my necklace. But you see, it just wouldn’t be any fun if I let you have it”.

She knows they’ve been dating for three whole months. But last night, when he tried to pull his cock out of the cage in order to have sex with her, she got a little disappointed. She thought “that little thing will never go anywhere near me again. That’s why I like to see it in the chastity cage without coming out”.

He is at his first chastity experience, he never got a chastity keyholder before. Initially, he knew it wouldn’t be easy to face it, but he is determined to succeed. The whole situation turns him on, to have his penis locked into a cage is a source of excitement. As a consequence, the fact that his domme is holding the chastity key in that sensual way, it’s even more arousing.

She likes to be in control and to decide if her submissive’s can achieve sexual gratification or not. Namely, she has the power to unlock him from this “torture”. Her dominant personality allows her to behave like a real mistress, and get pleasure from that but without abusing the power she has. And, the icing on the cake, she increases the dose by psychologically humiliating him within the established boundaries (as in every BDSM relationship, an agreement should initially be taken and discussed). Of course, it is not only about humiliation, pain, discipline, and so on.

As a keyholder, she is in charge to train her submissive to stay in chastity without breaking the rules.

To tease him she says: “I know you want this key. Don’t you? You’re not going to get it. In addition to that, I’m going to go out clubbing tonight with my boyfriend. And you’re supposed to sit here, to clean my apartment, to make sure that everything is perfect for when I’m back home”.

He wants to obey and satisfy her, so he accepts this condition and executes every order he has received. This, always wearing this pink chastity cage. He’s going to surrender and give her all his dignity because he loves her. She loves him too, but it is a different kind of love. He knows that he will be rewarded.


Tips for chastity keyholders

You are free to set your relationship as you want but, just in case, you can find here below some tips if you are new with this practice.


Tip 1: you make the rules

If you are both new, it is advisable to talk about it before starting anything. Discuss your objectives with your partner, and listen to his desires. Communication is very important and helps you both to get into the right mood and attitude. When everything is clear from both sides, you can make the rules.


Tip 2: set a safe word

As in every BDSM contract, it is highly suggested to define a “safe word” to suspend any ongoing practice. A safe work has a very important role and it is compulsory to respect it.


Tip 3: be firm with rules and decisions

Being both new to this practice, it can happen that you are a bit too flexible and permissive. For example, you feel sorry because your partner begs you to have an orgasm, and you unlock him. This is a big mistake. If you take a decision to keep him locked, just do it without exception. He knows you do it for his sake.


Tip 4: read about the psychological impact of chastity

This can depend from person to person, as we are all different. You can read this article on Quora to have a clearer idea.