I naturally found myself looking for something different from a vanilla couple. I felt I needed a spicier relationship, something new for me, where I could totally be myself.

And this is what comes out from hundreds of my clips.

If you are reading this article, it means that you are questioning yourself about the existence of Female Led Relationship rules to follow. It also means that you are already living this lifestyle, or you dream to be in one, or it’s just about curiosity.

From my point of view, to have a role in a FLR is a magical experience. Both, Mistress and sub, live deep and strong emotions, transforming their life in a wonderful 24/7 lifestyle and getting its benefits.

In this video, I realize that my dream could become true: I could finally live my own and real FLR. The idea back then, was to find the female led relationship rules to put in place, so that both partners could get the major number of benefits out of it.

Having enjoyed the compelling insights in this short video, I’m convinced you are looking forward to watch the full version!

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Let’s do a step backward.

In contemporary dynamics of couples, a transformative shift is evident, notably in couples where women assume authoritative roles. The archaic conventions of predefined gender roles are gradually yielding to a paradigm where female empowerment takes center stage.

In these relationships, women navigate among decision-making, career pursuits, and household management with adept control. The power dynamic undergoes a metamorphosis as these couples redefine traditional norms, emphasizing equality and shared responsibilities.

This evolution signifies a departure from historical constraints, heralding a modern era where mutual respect and collaboration form the foundation of relationships, challenging and transcending conventional gender expectations.

When you feel you are in a FLR, no matter if you are the Mistress or the sub, but your need to talk about it and come to a point.

Female Led Relationship rules need to be established in a couple.

But, why should a relationship have rules in the first place?

Of course, we are not talking about socially-considered “classical” relationships. Still, Female Led Relationships (FLR) are not incredibly different from usual ones. In fact, also in so-called “vanilla” couples, you always have one of the two partners who is a bit more dominant than the other.

This happens in some life’s spheres or on all of them. Unfortunately, this is often the other way around: the woman being a bit more submissive and crushed by her male-partner who has a more despotic and dominant personality.

Only in recent years female led relationships emerged and started to gain an incredible momentum.

One example, has been the launch of books and movies like “50 shades of gray“. After that, a lot of males started questioning themselves about this kind of lifestyle and the importance to have female led relationship rules with the partner.

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But, what’s the meaning to be in a FLR and which are the female led relationship rules to be respected by male subs?

Of course, there is no one solution fits all. Every female led relationship rules are different from couple to couple. So, they need to be set by the couple itself.

I have my female led relationship rules, and you have yours.

Communication is crucial in this process and both partners need to openly agree upon terms, desires, needs, goals.

Moreover, a female led relationship is often the ULTIMATE step for a couple that has been experiencing Femdom for a few time.

Session after session, both partners will realize that they need to move on to something more stable, strict and frequent or constant.

It doesn’t need to be something more aggressive or deep if they don’t want, but surely something where control and power exchange are always there between the couple.

This being said, it can be super easy to find a woman willing to embrace this lifestyle and swim against the tide. Probably also because of this, many (really many) men are attracted by such women.

It’s probably a “scarcity” effect that is playing a role, together with the fun, mystery, and anxiety of doing something that goes a bit against society and trends.

The following female led relationship rules have been written by myself after long talks with my submissive, with whom I currently live an FLR. The purpose of that is to train, teach, alert, inform other males (and females) of what it takes to be in a female led relationship with a naturally dominant woman.

If you are curious about how it all started, you can read this post about how my female led relationship started.

Let’s start.

005 poster feet pov mistressKym female led relationship rules

Female led relationship rules (for the submissive partner)

1) Believe in female supremacy

Among all the female led relationship rules, this is the most important one. If you don’t believe in it, it will be never successful.

Fundamentally you need to feel and be convinced that females are far superior to males, and you need to deeply desire their attention, consideration, satisfaction, and happiness. Above all, the one of your Domme.

To put it differently, you need to cease existing as an individual and start existing as a sub which is there for her needs, desires, and pleasure.

You can read more about this topic on my post “Female supremacy in an FLR”.

This being said, if you understood that you need/want a female to dominate your life, you found your Domme and started a female led relationship, then you are ready for the second rule.


2) She comes first. Before anyone or anything else.

This is a serious and very important point, yet a misunderstood one by many subs. In an FLR you need to understand that there is no part-time submission. You are in for 100% of the time, like it or not.

If you enter a Female Led Relationship, you know that it’s all about your love for your domme. She comes before every one of your needs, impulses, and desires, you have to satisfy her desires and obey her orders. As simple as that. It sounds difficult and straightforward, but this is what is all about.

A deeper analysis of this rule can be found in this other post.


3) Completely trust her

Any relationship is founded on trust between individuals, and this can be difficult to build or to enforce. Among female led relationship rules, this one is also very important and challenging.

The sub has to unconditionally trust his domme, and he doesn’t have to hesitate about any decision she takes for both.

A good domme knows very well what she is doing, and is aware of all the potential consequences that every action may involve. For this reason, she acts respectfully and the sub doesn’t have to doubt about her actions.

If you want to know more about trust in FLR, read more here.


4) Self-control

Self-control is one of the hardest but most important characteristics that a good sub needs to have. Human being impulses are difficult to control, above all arousal related ones.

When a sub is aroused (and trust me, it’s very likely and easy that he would be), he needs to discipline himself and control erections, the impulse to lick, kiss, touch or even in terms of gaze.

The domme has to duly train the sub and explain to him the importance of this point. When he succeeds, he will not be a novice anymore. He will be promoted to the next level. A game between discipline and rewards plays a fundamental role here.

Are you interested in knowing how to develop self-control? Find some tips in this post.


5) Determination. Resistance. Endurance.

Being a sub in an FLR is no easy task. You need to be ready to satisfy every request coming from your domme. This is not always peaches and cream, it can be challenging above all when it involves mental processes, pain or boredom.

As in everything, there are advantages and disadvantages (read more about that in my post). But keep in mind that if your domme is happy and pleased, you will be pleased too. So, be strong, determined and endure in your wonderful female led relationship.

Good actions are rewarded, bad actions are punished. This is it.

If your Mistress decides that you have to stand in an uncomfortable position, locked up in chastity, for hours. Then, you will obey her female led relationship rules, and do it for her pleasure and respect.

6) Completely give up power and control to her

As mentioned, there is no such thing as a part-time FLR.

In an FLR, she makes the rules, she controls you and she is the one who administers power over you. Don’t resist. Just trust and surrender yourself completely to her.

Completely giving up control and power to her may include, but it’s not confined to, your finance, desires, basic needs, sexual needs, your body appearance but also life’s objectives, time, sleep.

In a real authentic FLR, the man 100% surrender and gives up completely everything to her beloved superior female. Only in that case, he will have ceased to be a man becoming her sub.

You will find a deeper analysis of power exchange in this post.


7) Is this right or wrong?

Don’t ask yourself if FLR is right or wrong. Just think about your feelings when you are immersed in it. Are you happy and gratified? Or, are you afraid of what will happen next? Do you feel bored with your daily tasks?

Asking yourself those questions will help you to find your place in this practice.

There is no right or wrong in an FLR itself. Read some pieces of advice in the related post.


8) Anticipate your Domme

This one, among my female led relationship rules, is the one who helps more a domme.

The secret is a good and targeted training! If you train well your sub, he will be able to understand your moves and to predict your next actions. This will take away some heavy repeating of orders from you.

Being in charge of another human being 100% of the time as in an FLR is a hard and very demanding job.

It’s not as easy as you could think. Read more about this topic in this post.

So, observe your domme, memorize her moves, thoughts, words, and learn this lesson that you can apply in next situation.


9) Express gratitude

The last among my personal female led relationship rules, is about gratitude. A Mistress doesn’t need you to make her feel better and with a higher self-esteem. A Mistress is already self-confident and knows what she wants, no matter what you say or if you are there with her.

But, for yourself as a submissive, it is important to regularly express gratitude and appreciation to your domme, cause she is the one creating a positive and supportive environment, the one who endorses all decisions and who 100% takes care about you.

You will appreciate her more and more, becoming a better sub and living your dreamy FLR.



To conclude, be in a female led relationship it’s all about love, a different kind of love.
The sub needs to love her Domme more than himself. He needs to embrace her life, care and respect her (and her female led relationship rules) so much to walk over his needs, desires and wants.

To point out, he doesn’t need to cease to exist as a human being as it is the case for a slave. Nevertheless, he certainly needs to cease and give up much of what defines him as a man (namely, sexual desire, arousal, pride, male attitude).

If you follow these female led relationship rules, you are on the right way and you have what it takes to be in an authentic FLR with a truly dominant woman.