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5 unexpected tasks for submissives

Your Mistress wants you to serve her in every way that She decides. You want to serve her in every way that She decides. That is your role in life.

However, no matter how much you adore her, there will be times that her wishes/orders do not fit into your idea of pleasurable servitude. There could be times when her desires make you feel awkward, uncomfortable and even resistant to them.

She knows how far to take you, however, and a loving Mistress will take you to depths of servitude that She knows that will make you uncomfortable but will be able to handle and will show your submission to her.

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There are some unexpected tasks for submissives that I have experienced or perhaps I should say, endured!


4 unexpected tasks for submissives

1) Sounding – The art of penetrating the shaft of the penis by means of a sterilised metal rod.

I really did not like idea and could see no pleasure in it but my Mistress decided that She wanted me to experience it and also ,as I had expressed no enthusiasm for it, my submission to her would be even deeper.

As I lay before her, naked and vulnerable with my wrists and ankles shackled, I felt fear of the unknown. I was scared of any damage that might be caused even though I knew She was experienced in medical Domination. She whispered in my ear that She loved the idea that I trusted her with my most precious possession.

I relaxed and closed my eyes as She slowly opened me up and gently slid the rod inside my penis. The sensation was not one of pain or pleasure for me but I felt proud that I had taken it for her. She withdrew it and re-entered me several times, each time being easier, and her purrs of approval at my submission made me very happy.

It rarely happens now as I think that She appreciates that I agreed to be taken like that and for her that is the object of the exercise. She enjoyed my submission and breaking my resistance.

2) Golden showers

I had mixed feelings about experiencing this submissive task. When the opportunity arose, however, I was in deep subspace and when my Mistress told me that She wanted me to experience drinking in her ‘golden nectar’ I was powerless to resist. I was placed beneath her ‘throne’ and she told me that i was expected to drink every drop.

My answer was , of course, ‘yes Mistress’ and when She said ‘good boy’ I felt a shiver of submissive pleasure.

I looked up at her beautiful pussy in awe and became breathless as She asked if I was ready….then She began to urinate on my face. At first I was shocked…it was warm, even hot! I don’t know why i thought it would be cold, after all it was coming from my Mistress’s body! I drank it in like a man lost in the desert without water and swallowed frantically as She emptied herself on and into me.

She tasted good and i found myself licking my lips as I savoured the taste of her.

The experience just took me deeper into submission and although I feared that i might not be able to complete the task that She had set, in the end i loved it.

3) CBT

I had just met my Mistress and it was my first experience of a ‘session’ with her. I was nervous and desperate to please her but being realistic i didn’t know if She was the mistress for me and if we would be compatible. I had never experienced extreme pain and had not been with many Mistresses before her.

At first, all went well with moderate pain from nipple clamps and flogging of my less sensitive parts. She had a way of whispering in my ear after every piece of pain that reassured me and her voice was like honey which excited me very much. I was beginning to enjoy the pain/pleasure mix as I was strung up before her….once again naked and vulnerable, and thought that I had taken the worst and enjoyed the best. I was wrong!

She took out a flogger that was particularly vicious and when she flogged my balls and cock I found myself backing off and reacting before the next stroke. She was displeased at this and told me so. I had to take it and I felt only pain…not one bit of pleasure…and I wondered if I could take any more.

Then She untied me and put me on all fours beneath her as She told me how worthless I was. I was relieved to be out of pain and began to enjoy the humiliation as She walked around me looking down at her prey. I gazed discreetly at her beautiful legs and perfect feet in high heels and was feeling the delicious sensation of subspace for a beautiful, powerful woman.

Then She kicked me….between the legs…a perfect blow to my balls. She kicked me so hard that I collapsed on the floor in agony. As I lay there I thought that She was too much for me and I had over estimated my possibilities of submission. I lay, squirming in pain, for several minutes until I regained a modicum of equilibrium.

The pain was too much and I would not be coming back to see her….those were my thoughts. Then She caressed my head and stroked my face while telling me that I was a good boy and could now worship her feet as a reward.

Afterwards I asked if I could come back and see her again….despite all the pain the lure of her sensual Dominance was too strong.
I have seen her for several years now and my balls have recovered and my decision to carry on was the right one!!

4) Cuckolding

I have always fantasised about being cuckolded but the closest I got to it in my vanilla life was when my long term and long distance lover took up with her boss and never told me about it until she had fallen in love with him and eventually left me for him.

This caused me great pain but also I found i couldn’t stop thinking of them together and I was in a constant state of arousal when i thought of them together.

When i started to see dominant women my fantasies became strong again but none of the Dommes I saw were interested in playing to my desires. That changed a few years ago with my current Mistress but she was not interested at first although she had noted my desires.

That changed recently when she decided to let me become a small part of her personal life. I have been allowed to take her and her lover out for dinner and allowed to see them together showing affection while I drove them around.

To see them kissing in the back of my car and stroking each other was very exciting and filled my thoughts for weeks before I saw her again for a session where I could enjoy her teasing and descriptions of how my role could develop in the future.

That sounds great for me, on a journey to be the cuckold in her relationships.

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The hard part is the boredom. Recently I took them out for the evening and after a chat with her (new) lover I found that it was difficult to have a conversation with him and I don’t know if he liked me or not. I took them out for the evening to a function where they drank and danced while I sat in the car outside.

She came out to see me a couple of times but I was unable to drink and had to remember that I was their chauffeur. I spent 5 hours waiting to take them home and despite the few visits from her to see me, I was very bored. I then took them home where they played a bit in the back but I couldn’t see and had to drive carefully which was my main reason for being there.

She spent 15 minutes with me when we returned and told me of all the things that they would do when she left me and that excited me but after I had an hours journey home on my own. The whole evening took 9 hours and most of the time I was on my own or driving and left me feeling very flat.

She told me that she was pleased with me and I loved that and I know that if she desires then i will do it again despite the boredom. She has that power and I cannot resist it. Such is the role of a beta male in service to an Alpha female!

5) Findom

One always wants to please one’s Mistress and I am no exception. It is always a pleasure to serve either physically or financially but sometimes a costly gift can hurt financially and gets only the same appreciation as a card or a rose, for example. One always wants to be appreciated but when one makes a big effort financially one would like a big ‘thank you’!

I was surprised by one Mistress that I knew well when i said that i didn’t get ‘findom’ but she told me that she loved to squeeze the last remaining dollar /euro or pound out of a weak slave. I didn’t think that she was like that as she never pushed me like that.

Apparently I was wrong as she told me that it excited her to see how far she could push a sub/slave. I have always been generous , in my opinion, but a relationship only based on finance does not feel deep enough for me.

unexpected tasks for submissives

Nevertheless, as a loving submissive I have made some large donations and given gifts that seem above the ‘norm’ for me. One time I was told that a certain gift on her ‘wishlist’ was a gift that she wanted me to offer her. Of course, I purchased it for her as she wanted ‘me’ to do it. Perhaps naively it made me feel special to give her something that she really wanted.

Her words of thanks, however, made me feel special and although I have never heard about it again I hope that every time that she uses that gift she will think of me. I believe that she will !


Despite this list of areas that are difficult and not always a pleasure I know that I feel useful and hope that she does too. If she wants something and chooses me to supply it then ultimately I feel that I am of service to the superior woman and that is my pleasure.

This is also part of unexpected tasks for submissives.

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