Nowadays, many men (included a large number of alpha men) dream about being a mistress cuckold. I wrote “men”, because “cuckolding” usually involves them. But, of course, there is also a feminine version, and those women are called “cuckqueans”. Cuckolding is one of the most modern fetishes sweeping in BDSM.

In my femdom relationship, this is now part of my 24/7 lifestyle. I introduced cuckolding right after I started to use the chastity cage with my submissive. He is locked up at home, and I go out having fun… I have his orgasms under my control while I take back my sexual freedom. Chastity and cuckoldry work together, very close.

Before I forget, it is important to say that cuckoldry works if the cuckold is not humiliated against his will. Otherwise, only one of the two will take pleasure out of it. And this is not the cuckold…

This said, what does it exactly mean to be a mistress cuckold?

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Who is a “mistress cuckold”?

When your mistress, partner, girlfriend, or wife is having sex with someone else and you take pleasure from that, then you are considered a cuckold. You don’t necessarily have to watch the scene, it is enough if you imagine or if you are aware of it. Even if some mistresses force their submissive to sit in the same room and watch them having sex with another man.

Try to visualize your mistress with another man, one who will satisfy all of her sexual desires. While this is happening, you are at home alone, possibly wearing your chastity cage. You are extremely excited but you have no chance to please yourself. So, you just need to patiently wait until she is back and see her satisfaction.

Basically, you get aroused by this psychological humiliation. You may be considered a masochist lover mainly because you just want to see your partner happy and sexually satisfies. Even if you are not directly involved in it.

Being cuckolded is mainly about your mind, it is nothing physical. It is pure humiliation due to the fact that someone important for you is “cheating” on you, you know it and you agree with it. But I will talk about that more into detail later on.

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3 top benefits of being a mistress cuckold

Being a cuckold is not negative. On the contrary, it has several advantages when talking from the psychological side.


1) You are psychologically satisfied

It may sound weird, but it is also about that. You are satisfied to know that your partner has been satisfied by someone else.

Being a cuckold means that you consciously accept your submissive role in the couple. It is a variation of masochism, not physical. Basically, you seek pleasure by being humiliated. Your mind feels good when you see your partner happy and satisfied because this is something very important for you.

2) You are able to manage your emotions positively

Cuckoldry is a BDSM fetish and, among all the fetishes, it is the one that requires a huge emotional control and healthy emotional management. Two of the “worse” and most painful emotions are stressed here: jealousy and fear. How to deal with that? Just be open, accept negative emotions and transform them into positive emotions. It sounds hard, but it is feasible. If you accepted to be a mistress cuckold, then it is a must. Don’t be vulnerable and trust your mistress. She is responsible for you, she is in control therefore she is 100% aware of what she is doing.

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Your partner loves you, she cares about your relationship and wouldn’t harm you in any way. She deserves her sexual freedom and, the sooner you accept it, the sooner you will be happy.

3) No responsibility will fall on you

If you are a man in a relationship, you need to satisfy your partner and keep the couple alive. If you are a cuckold, you don’t have this responsibility anymore. Namely, someone else will satisfy your mistress, and you will gain all the positive results.

In your submissive role, you don’t have any responsibility at all. In your cuckold role, you can take a break from your daily life and all its rules. My submissive told me that for him, this is a kind of stress reliever. He knows he is inferior, and he is afraid of not being able to satisfy me. Therefore, the fact that I go out and that I may “meet” another man, is not a problem anymore. He is thankful because someone else takes this responsibility away from him.

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Cuckoldry works in mature couples, where both partners are aware of the consequences and accept them. This lifestyle will transform your relationship into a deeper one. Where trust and respect are the basics.

You don’t introduce cuckoldry from one day to another, it takes training. It is not part of an ordinary life, but it is a special condition. Collect all the necessary information before doing anything, and make sure that it is consensual!