Being submissive is not easy. A submissive is someone who gives complete control to their partner, both in sexual and non-sexual situations. It can reach a deeper level when the relationship is authentic and genuine. 

There is nothing wrong with being submissive, so don’t feel weird if you think you are one! Being submissive in a relationship is surprisingly common. It is a very popular sexual fetish and fantasy.

So, how can you be a good submissive? There are a few steps you should take before being involved in a femdom relationship, and a few steps to take during it.

being submissive

How to understand if you are a real submissive

Do you aim to lose control? Are you dreaming to unconditionally serve your partner? And to worship her as a goddess? Will you be able to surrender to your “woman” and let her have complete power over you? If all your answers are yes, then you fall under this category. Being submissive means being ready for everything, starting with your mentality. If you accept your nature and your role, you will easily do everything that is needed to satisfy your mistress.

Here are a few tactics to being a good submissive.

1) Understand your submissive level

Once you are sure to be naturally submissive, it is time to understand your level of submission. Some say that there are nine levels of submission, others say there are four… The number does not truly matter, so I will mention only the most common ones:

Physical submissive: Interested in their own needs and is mainly there for sexual arousal.

Emotional submissive: Willing to serve the mistress simply because they love her.

Slave: Totally owned by the mistress, they have no power or control.

You may be in one of these categories, or you may fall a bit into every one of them.

2) Communicate

After you determine what type of submissive you are, you can communicate that to your mistress. Feel free to tell her, politely and respectfully, everything you have in mind. Explore your inner self and ask her to clarify your doubts and fears. Remember that she is your mistress, and she cares about you and your needs. Don’t be afraid to open yourself up to a femdom, as this is the best way to go deeper into your relationship. The results will be wonderful and your relationship will go to the next level.

being submissive
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3) Know your limits

Keep in mind that, outside of being submissive, you are still a human being. We are all different, with diverse needs, desires, and limits. Establish your own limits and share them with your mistress. Don’t push your limits, or better yet, go over them very slowly. If you go too far too fast, your experience can result in a negative outcome.

4) Be there for your mistress

Being submissive in a relationship means you must always be there for your mistress. Not only sexually, but all-around. You need to serve her with respect and passion, and with no complaints. Most likely, she will be training you to “transform” into her perfect slave. Follow her training, obey her orders, surprise her (if she likes it), and patiently wait for your possible reward or pleasure. If you behave, it will come.