The object of my pleasure

In femdom sex, easily said, the woman dominates the man. It is the opposite of vanilla sex, where the man always has the power in the couple. It is not necessarily violent or rough sex, it is also sensual and tender.

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The switch from vanilla to femdom sex has to happen step by step. Firstly, you can support it with role plays or similar. Secondly, slowly slowly, other practices can be introduced by the mistress. In my relationship, I already passed the initial stages, so I am passing further to a deeper phase.

At this stage, I’m trying to create a physical and sexual detachment for my submissive. He perceived it and is accepting it very well. I mean, that he understands that this is part of his submissive lifestyle so he doesn’t have much choice than to accept it.

What has a big impact is the fact that, by losing body contact with me, he would be losing the gratification that I was giving him. Taken away this, we will not have many physical connections left.

This is one of the objectives of a femdom relationship. In the end, there will be no contact anymore between the mistress and her submissive. One of the deepest phases is the “objectification” one, where the sub is not seen as a person anymore. He doesn’t have an identity and the mistress uses him for her pleasure. It’s a strange but pleasant feeling.

So far, I physically still use my submissive to get my orgasm, and then I leave him where he is, like an abandoned object. Initially, this treatment is frustrating and sounds too strong. But, later on, it will become normal, a normal form of humiliation that the submissive will appreciate. It is even more powerful than ignoring!

A real submissive who wants to be involved in femdom sex must understand that, soon or later, he will no longer have the luxury of having sex with the mistress…