Silently suffering

A bdsm sub training is necessary for a healthy femdom relationship. You wonder why? Well, because during the training, a mistress explains to her sub what, how, when, and why he needs to obey her orders. Basically, it is about discipline.

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I think that to discipline my submissive is very constructive and helps him to grow up, to improve, and to give me more and more pleasure and satisfaction. During the bdsm sub training, I find it very important to explain to him WHY he needs to do certain things for me. In this way, he memorizes everything better and will remember it at the right moment.

When my sub disappoints me, I always think about the best and right way to discipline him. Punishment doesn’t have to be impulsive and doesn’t have to be only about pain. Spanking and whipping someone doesn’t make him understand why what he did was a mistake. In addition to that, sometimes, it is not necessarily a punishment because he did a mistake, but it is just an educational action. In any case, the discipline has to come both verbally and physically, from my point of view.

For example, sometimes I teach him something. Afterward, I force him to stay in an uncomfortable position, with the chastity on, to memorize the lesson. While doing that, I ignore him and keep doing what I was doing before. I love to spice it up with some little extra pain… so when I feel really kinky, I add also nipple clips or other similar tools.

When the physical test is over, I will ask him to repeat the lesson I gave him. I am 100% sure that he will never forget that.

Discipline with respect, be patient, and communicate with your submissive. This is a fundamental part of a femdom relationship. He will totally trust you if you build this trust yourself.