Rewarded with chastity release

What is the best reward, if not a femdom chastity release after a long locked-up period? You name it, considering that a submissive doesn’t have any power to decide how to be compensated…

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For some time now I have introduced chastity cage into our femdom relationship. This is an important part of a real female led relationship: the mistress is in charge of her submissive’s orgasms, too. Not only that, but she also has total control over his pleasure and his life in general. Dot.

I purchased a regular chastity cage, not too big and not too small. At that time, his cock fitted perfectly in it. The next one I bought, was smaller.

Initially, I locked up my submissive for short periods of a few hours. Then I extended the period to days, and then even longer periods. It is fair to go step by step so that he gets used to this new condition.

During the chastity period, I love to tease my beloved submissive and I get him very excited, almost to the edge. I know he likes this situation, but I see the frustration in his eyes. And I see his extreme desire to have an orgasm. In the beginning, he found it difficult, but now he got used to it and is able to patiently wait for the moment he can have his pleasure.

Sometimes I play with him, I show him the key of the chastity lock which is hanging on my neck or my anklet. In addition to that, I tease him a little more touching him with my bare feet. Then I open the lock.

At the time of the femdom chastity release, his cock slides out of the cage, it is already hard and ready to cum. As he performed well, I decided to reward him by letting him reach his orgasm.