That magic moment after the shower

When I take a shower, my submissive is waiting for me just outside the shower curtain, on his knees. Once I am done, he already knows that he will be allowed to pussy licking, so he prepares himself for that.

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I love taking long, hot, relaxing showers. Whenever this happens, I take my sub with me and order him to kneel outside the shower door.
He follows me in silence, by now he has learned that this is the only way to be able to stay close to me.

He is there on the cold floor, on his knees, patiently waiting for me. My shower can last up to 30 minutes. He knows he just has to wait for me to finish.

He has learned to understand when I’m about to finish the shower, and go out. At that moment, his excitement starts to build. He is aware that the moment of reward is approaching.
I can see it in his eyes.

As it should be, when he does well, I reward him with something he loves.
In this case, I give him permission to quickly lick that part of me that he craves so much… I allow him to shortly lick my sweet pussy.
Only few moments… so that he doesn’t forget its taste.