Crushing candies with my new heels

For the ones with high heel crush fetish: enjoy watching myself crushing candies with one of my favorite heeled shoes. Who will lick them off the floor afterward?

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My submissive loves candy, of any kind, shape, color and taste. He also has a high heel crush fetish.
So I did one plus one, and I decided to tease him like this.
I spread candy all over the house, on the floor. I called him so he could witness one of the hottest scenes of his day.
I put on my high, leopard-print heels and started squashing all the candy on the floor.

He watches from a distance, but I see that he secretly savors what is happening a few feet away.

There are candy crushes everywhere, and I picture my sub crawling like a worm and eating them. I turn this idea into reality. I’ll order him to wait 20 minutes, observe that disaster, and when I snap my fingers, he can eat them.

I love how this is degrading to him, it arouses me a lot.

Having those candies under my shoes, and feeling the softness and gumminess of the candy crushing under my soles is something that turns me on mainly for 2 reasons: firstly, I see my sub’s humiliation and degradation.
secondly, it feels like having a cock under my heels.