Between my black high heel boots

There will be a moment where my submissive will not be allowed to lick his mistress pussy anymore. But we are not there yet, so I often enjoy well-done pussy worship, even before I undress after coming back home.

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For a sub, licking his mistress’s most holy place is a dream. A constant desire eradicated in his little brain.

That very desire of his Mistress pussy licking is there regardless of what the sub does.

But there is a thin line between allowing him to lick my vagina for his pleasure, or let him do it because I want and for MY pleasure.
My pleasure is more important than his pleasure, therefore I am the one deciding if this will happen or not.

Of course, he likes it anyway even if it is a by-product.

As this is MY pleasure, I want it done as I love.
I need to constantly guide him to the point I like, the way I like it, the speed I like, and for how long I like him to do it.

He has to feel that I am in control, he just needs to obey my orders and desires. This without focusing on the pleasure that the act is causing him.

After all, to be told and obey is the main job of a sub in a Female Led Relationship.