My Real-Life Transformation Story

My femdom story is about my evolution into a real domme.
I used to have vanilla relationships, but I felt I needed something different. After a deep research, I became a Domme and transformed my partner into a submissive cuckold. This is how I transformed my lifestyle. It evolved according to my dominant personality. I am now living a real and authentic femdom relationship.

My submissive is aware of what is going on between us, and he accepts his new role with positive resignation.

I have been training him for quite some time, and I still do it. He is now a quite good slave, he obeys every order and satisfies every desire. He kind of knows how to worship a goddess. In addition to that, he is deeply getting to know me and can still positively surprise me.

As his mistress, I am in control over him and I am the one who takes decisions about anything for both of us.

Lately, I started to go out by myself, leaving him at home alone, chained somewhere in the house, and obliged to patiently wait for me to be back. He slowly became my femdom cuckold slave. I control his pleasure, while I keep my sexual freedom.

The fact that I may cheat on him, turns him on really a lot. This is because he gave up his sexual pleasure to me: I decide for him, he is powerless.

This is one of the most humiliating and degrading experiences that could happen to someone, where shame, anger, and sadness could be some of the usual reactions. But for some important psychological reasons, it is arousing and it can become a real fetish.

Have you ever fantasized about your mistress cheating on you? How humiliating is it to know that she is freely taking her pleasure with someone who is not you, while you are in pain, and probably in chastity? Oh, this is a real turn on, isn’t it?

This is what happened and what is still happening in my real life femdom story.