Feet worship – Best Moments

One of my favorite fetishes is to feet worship, done by someone else, possibly a submissive man. And, within my femdom relationship, I made in the sort that my slave got addicted to Mistress feet femdom.

Watch the video directly from Xhamster:

After a long period of training, I must say that he became a great feet worshiper. His tongue knows by heart every centimeter of my sexy feet, toes, and soles.
He licks them, cleans them and massages them with passion and dedication. He loves mistress feet femdom and does whatever it takes to satisfy me, his mistress. Else, he knows I will be very disappointed and he consequently gets punished.

It happens that I sometimes tease him so much with feet femdom. I play with my feet and his body, with his cock.

During this game, he gets extremely aroused. I see that he desires to lick them or smell them, that he craves to have at least one of my toes in his mouth and taste it. But he won’t obtain what he wants until I decide that it is time, or until when I feel like having him under my feet.

Sub’s life is not easy, it is not just about obeying. But it is also about being smart enough to sometimes anticipate and surprise the mistress.

In my case, I love it when I come back home after a day out, and I find my slave on his knees, with a collar on, ready to worship my feet. This is part of my femdom lifestyle, this is something I really enjoy doing.

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