My sexy feet [closeup] – Mistress feet worhip

Sitting on my sunbed on a summer day. The sun is warm, and lovely cuddles my bare feet.

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My red nailpolished toes look like little strawberries ready to be eaten. Juicy, tasty, and smelly.
My submissive is there and but he doesn’t disturb me, he knows that I love to enjoy those moments by myself.

My submissive has been involved in Mistress feet worship for years now.

It is one of the practices that he loves the most, which makes him feel part of my world and for which he perceives a pleasant sensation.

This, the Mistress feet worship, is a real fetish that many submissives (and not) have. The partner’s feet are placed on a pedestal, they are objects of desire, they lead to the most intense arousal. Why this?
Because the foot is the only part of the body that he deserves at that moment. Nothing more. He cannot have the Mistress’s mouth, nor her pussy, nor anything else. Only the feet. Therefore, he is satisfied and in his mind begins a strong passionate journey, impact, which makes him appreciate every moment, and every inch of that foot.

Every day, for a certain amount of time, I dedicate myself to training my submissive. This always starts with some Mistress feet worship.
This warms up the mood a bit and brings me to the point I want to work on that particular day.

It is easier to deal with an excited mind, I find no friction and it is enjoyable for me.

Often, this is a simple activity: while I relax in the sun, lying on my sunbed, he places them next to me, on his knees, and waits for a nod to be able to worship my feet properly.